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a healthier, happier lifestyle.

All the resources, training, and support you need to live your dream lifestyle!

Ready to take your next step?

Know your personal key to health and live your desired lifestyle.

Health Checks

Have a 90 minute session to discover where you're at with your overall health. Discover key focus areas that you can work on immediately to improve your overall health and wellbeing...

Health Coaching

Have me in your corner for personal support and guidance in your top focus areas to achieve your short term health goals as well as setting yourself up for longterm health improvements...

Coaching Coaches

Get your health coaching business off the ground by accessing behind-the-scenes of my health coach business, along with support, resources and tailored group coaching calls...

here's an overview of

My Programs



(15 minutes)

From time to time I’ll be available at markets and expo’s around Perth, WA where I offer FREE 15 minute face-to-face sessions using the amazing iridology and sclerology to give you one primary focus area that will impact your overall health.

Plus I’ll give you a few priceless tips and tricks you can implement straight away to improve your health.

Strategy Session
(1.5 hours)

Take the opportunity to look at where you’re at with your health through the amazing use of iridology and sclerology in a 1.5hr strategy session...

Together we’ll create a personalised wellness roadmap for you to walk away with that you can feel confident in to implement in your current life that can take you on the pathway to your ideal health.

Coaching Program
(3 months)

It’s a well known fact that when you have a mentor or coach you have a higher chance of success… this also goes for your health.

If you’re after the best chance of success, this coaching package is the best way to go. I’ll be your personal support and guide throughout a 3 month journey to help you achieve your health goals and more!

Ready to take your next step?

Know your personal key to health and live your desired lifestyle.

About Kim

Kim’s life philosophy is centered on the principles of ‘the eyes don't lie’, and with this he empowers people to discover their own personal key to unlocking and living healthier, happier lifestyles by “taking one step at a time together”.

Having successfully improved his health, Kim makes lifestyle adjustments simple and achievable. He works exclusively with people who are ready to “break bad habits and rebuild new ones.”

Through the power of amazing ancient wisdom (iridology and sclerology, Kim equips people to embrace good old-fashioned, easy to follow health principles through Wellness Strategy Sessions.

With more sick people than ever before, Kim believes the simple principles of health is “truly an empowering journey” and has worked to foster a community of people who are all finding and living their healthiest version of themselves.

After adjusting his own lifestyle, Kim has been monitoring and sharing his experience from our little part of Australia, the beach of the City of Rockingham coast line, where he lives with his wife and daughter!

About Kim