Unlock the best version of yourself!

There is always more to life, but you are awesome just the way you are! 

Let’s continue to grow as men and create a world were we can make our women feel safe and secure and our children happy and healthy. We reflect 

Health Tips and Tools

Having a health tool box that enables you to care for yourself and your loved ones is not only empowering it is a skill for life.

When we are young we think we are bullet proof and for most of us that doesn't change until something does change.

We then realise how fragile we are. Having a well stocked tool box that you can reach into and use at the appropriate time will ensure that you give your family the best possible chance at a future that has less illness and stress within it.

Books And Resources

Every book and tool that is referred to in this section I have read and used at some point in my journey.

In my now 42 years on this planet I have had many many opportunities to improve the way in which I handle myself.

I still have much to learn and welcome others to share with me. Hopefully there is something within this list that helps you.

Find Your Tribe

Joining a mens circle is a great way to find a safe space to share and support other men that just like yourself.

We all go through ups and downs in our journey through life.

Finding a group of men that enable and encourage you to be the best version of yourself may very well be the single best thing that you can do for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

My Journey To Date

We All Struggle At Some Point In Our Life

I had a plan to end my life! ​

In 2003 I was living in Canberra and while I had a pretty good life for a 23 year old I had some dark thoughts.

These thoughts had gone that far that I was preparing to end my life, looking back now almost 20 years later my reasons seem somewhat insignificant, but at the time they were all the mattered.

While I was only in my early 20’s at the time I had been fortunate enough to have unknowingly started my personal development journey at a fairly young age. In my late teens I was in what was called the oz squad which was essentially a training squad targeting young athletes and giving them the tools to speed their journey up in their athletic career.

Now while I didn’t realise it at the time some of the camps that we had in Townsville definitely shaped my perspective on things and gave me the first couple of tools.

Setting Intentions - Saved My Life

Obviously I did not follow through on my plans to end my life, in fact it was on the back of one of the hardest and darkest days that I have experienced that things changed in such a positive way. 

While I don’t remember all of the details around what took place I do remember that I, I was in a mess crying to myself and in a pretty shitty place. 

I said out loud to myself “My life does not end here, I need to get back to the bush”. 

My Past Meets My Present

I could not have understood then the power that this statement had on my life. 

Like in sport the power of visualisation and intention is understood but just how this happens, I don’t believe that anyone truely knows. 

To understand the power of this statement I have to go back to my childhood.

When my parents first bought me home we lived on a small block of land just outside of the little town of Mt Garnet in Far North Queensland, just on the edge of the Atherton tablelands.

The little farm where we lived I have patchy memories of, the reason for which I will get into another time.

But I do remember enjoying the farm and the simplicities of life on the farm. We had power provided by a generator and a wood fired stove, our toilet was out in the back yard. 

There was a creek out the back that only ran during the wet season, and we had a bunch of race horses, a few ponies, some chickens, a goose (no I am not referring to myself), a dingo dog called Lucy a german shepherd a black cat called BeeBee a heap of mince, snakes and rats (the last few animals not pets just residents). 

Living here with my brother, mum and dad was a pretty cool life and brings me great joy when I think back to some of our adventure on that small plot of land. 

So the significance of this statement can not be underestimated. For I think I was looking for a place to go where I felt connected with my younger self and to a place that bought me joy and happiness.     

Following Through On My Intentions - The Very Next Day

Little did I know that the very next day I would have the opportunity to follow through on the intentions that I had set. 

At the time I was working for a Recruitment agency, and really not enjoying the experience, though I think that had  more to do with my mental health than the job itself. 

So on this Monday morning after I had returned to work I received a phone call from a previous employer asking if I was interested in a job out in Kakadu at what was then called the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn.

I didn’t even ask the details, I just responded with “yep when do i start”! 

Fortunately for me I had only just started with the recruitment agency and only had a short notice period. 

The only catch was that I had a girlfriend whom I loved dearly, though I also knew that I wouldn’t be much help to her if I was dead. 

So without telling her I signed a contract, and started planning my exit and about a week before I left for Kakadu I told my partner. 

I probably didn’t do the best job but, I think that she understood as she did know that I had been struggling.      

My Mental Health Reset

So in a very quick period of time I was back in the bush. 

I was living in the small mining and tourism town of Jabiru in Kakadu. I was the HR manager for the hotel and was there for a couple of years. 

My partner whom I had left in Canberra, followed me up to Kakadu for a few months to test out life in Kakadu but while I think she enjoyed the experience she did not enjoy being away from family and friends. 

While for me it was an incredible experience making a bunch of new friends, getting back to play sports and getting out and about. 

In my first week of moving to town I had gone for a run around town to have a look about and see what was in the area. On the run I bumped into a chap bob who had actually stopped me while I was running and asked me if I was living in town and had I ever played Rugby Union. 

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Kim’s life philosophy is centered on the principles of ‘the eyes don't lie’, and with this he empowers people to discover their own personal key to unlocking and living healthier, happier lifestyles by “taking one step at a time together”.

Having successfully improved his health, Kim makes lifestyle adjustments simple and achievable. He works exclusively with people who are ready to “break bad habits and rebuild new ones.”

Through the power of amazing ancient wisdom (iridology and sclerology, Kim equips people to embrace good old-fashioned, easy to follow health principles through Wellness Strategy Sessions.

With more sick people than ever before, Kim believes the simple principles of health is “truly an empowering journey” and has worked to foster a community of people who are all finding and living their healthiest version of themselves.

After adjusting his own lifestyle, Kim has been monitoring and sharing his experience from our little part of Australia, the beach of the City of Rockingham coast line, where he lives with his wife and daughter!

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