About Kim

The first question that you may have is why would an Aussie bloke think that he can write a blog about health and wellness.

Now here is my disclaimer I am not a doctor all I am doing is telling you about what has happened to me and how I felt after making a few changes in my life.

So where am I from and what is my back ground?

I grew up in Far North Queensland on a property just outside the small town of Mount Garnet (pop 300).

My up bringing was pretty much cattle and horses, we had a bunch of race horses as well and used to spend a bit of time travelling down the ranges to Cairns for racing.

My life was all about the outdoors so being a Queenslander it was all about Rugby league. I also did a lot of athletics and pretty much any sport I could get my hands onto.

I was able to make a couple of training teams and used to eat pretty much anything and everything.

When I was approaching high school we moved from Mount Garnet to Cardwell, Cardwell is this tiny seaside town that is the gateway to the Hinchinbrook Island National Park.

Although we still had a few cattle and horses when we moved to Cardwell I spent a large amount of time on the water and loved my water sports.

I then went to high school in Tully and then headed to the the Gold Coast for university.

From the Gold Coast I then took a job back up in Cairns, where I got into downhill mountain bikes. I then moved to Canberra, then Kakadu, Darwin, Yulara, and then Perth.

After meeting my wife in Perth I we then decided to extract our selves from the confines of a house and live in a camper trailer still working we travelled around WA and then latter QLD for about 3 years while still working up in the Pilbara.

We moved the camper back over to Cairns to help my Mum and Dad who’s house have been badly damaged by Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

This then led to a new adventure living on a yacht for a couple of years.

Then it was back in the Camper and back to Western Australia.

In 2014 I was dared by a person that I had only just met to try going animal free for 1 month.

I accepted the challenge and although I was pretty fit running 5 to 8 kms a day in just 6 weeks without changing anything other than what I stuffed in my pie hole I lost 16kgs.

My blood pressure also took a massive dive along with a bunch of other markers.

I had bum berries and they disappeared along with heart burn and the list does actually go on!

This seemed crazy to me how did I not know about this and how could I get back to eating meat!

So I spent the next 2 years trying to find any evidence to support me eating meat.

To my horror I couldn’t find any research papers that supported this….

Literally nothing!

This then lead me on a massive journey health and discovery and a massive desire to help others realise the health that I have achieved and am still working on!

More to come!