Events Schedule

From time to time I’ll be available at markets and expo’s around Perth, WA where I offer FREE 15 minute face-to-face sessions using the amazing iridology and sclerology to give you one primary focus area that will impact your overall health.

Currently there are no future events scheduled.

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Inviting me to future events...

At events, I typically offer free 15 minute wellness sessions where I take eye photos and share up to three focus areas unique to each person for them to improve their health.

Iridology coupled with sclerology is a powerful combination and attracts a lot of attention.

I love engaging, interacting and most of all helping empower people to achieve better health. I’d also be open to being a guest speaker too.

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Past Events

10:00am-5:00pm, 26th May 2019

Cannington Exhibition Showgrounds


1:30-5:30pm, 18-19th May 2019 – Stand 12

Claremont Showground Exhibition Centre

10am-5pm, 30th March 2019

Yagan Square, Perth City Centre

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