I’ve been on a health journey since 2014 and in that time have gained a great amount of experience and knowledge. I’ve created this FAQ page to answer the most frequently asked questions I’ve been asked along the way.

Iridology is the study of the iris, the coloured part of the eye. It can be dated back to ancient Egypt with eye charts found in the tomb of the great Tutankhamun. Consider the Iris the high definition display panel for the body. Genetic weaknesses, toxicity and congestion show in the Iris. Iridology is about reading this information from the eye.

Sclerology is the study of the sclera, this is the white of the eyes. Think of the iris as the telescope into your past, not only your past but your families past. Then think of the sclera as the what is happening right now and a look back over the past 18 months.
A Wellness Strategy Session is about understanding where you’re at with your health. We’ll discuss key focus areas and then develop a personalised Wellness Roadmap…. so you can work do what’s going to make you healthier and happier.

It’s a personalised guide tailored to your current health, lifestyle and desires. This roadmap lists the actions that you can do to improve your health.

That is totally cool. I work with people all over the world. Good quality photos of your eyes would help in facilitating remote sessions. Depending where you are in the world I can put you in touch with someone who can take some quick but good quality eye photos for our session together. This helps me understand what’s going on. Then I can identify key focus areas that we can work on improving together.

Note: Photo’s of your eyes are helpful but aren’t essential. I can work with people without eye photos as well.

I wouldn’t call them diet plans. They are more about what adjustments you can make to your lifestyle. This of course will include food and suggestions. They fit in with your current lifestyle but should stretch you to your desired lifestyle.
It’s not “training” as such. I’m focussed on providing you the support and guidance you need so you can focus on improving your health. I want you to achieve your goals and enjoy the experience and journey.