I thought I felt good before this!

I thought that I felt good before I started this journey.

This has got to be most to one of the most incredible adventures that I’ve been and one of the most amazing experiences but I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

In May 2014 I was fortunate enough to meet a guy called Stuart Zadel.

The funny thing was that this guy was teaching about wealth (not health). 

I never anticipated the changes that would take place in my life following this.

I’ll also be forever grateful that this has taken place.

So what was it that changed. 

Before this time I was your average everyday Aussie Guy…

I grew up out in far north western Queensland and as a child and it’s my early teens of the 20s I was very large meat eater.

Now this isn’t to say that I was a very large guy because in-fact I was very fit.

To the point where I had made a number of representative teams for athletics, rugby league, Touch football and then a whole bunch after that.

When I was doing athletics I had a nutritionist and I was pretty fit at that point in life.

I’ve also played a separate rugby union and Aussie rules in fact whenever I got the chance to do any sort of sport I took up.

I also did a number of extreme sports including down about biking boarding and it also a bit of diving. 

Sorry for the vast majority of my life I’ve been quite fit and healthy. 

Even when I was at my fittest I still had a relatively high blood pressure and also my blood sugar levels were elevated.

Including a whole bunch of other things that can be explained by diets or the typical diets bought from nutritionist. 

I’m that guy who when you go out to dinner always orders the largest steak on the menu and tops it off with prawns and salad and pretty much as much as he can fit on his plate or at least I used to be…